Monday, January 11, 2016

Performance analysis of Mutual Fund schemes (25k to 25k)

After a Decisive Mandate given to single party government led by Mr Narendra Modi, S&P BSE Sensex touched 25000 for time in June 2014 & continued its rally to touch a high of 29681 in Jan 2015. Since it’s high of 29681, Sensex has corrected by around 16.26% as on 7th Jan 2016.

Here, we have analyzed the performance of Mutual Fund categories vis a vis with various indices from the time when Sensex hit the mark of 25K for the first time, till yesterday when Sensex closed below the level of 25k. During this period, most of the schemes whether in Largecap, Diversified, Midcap, Smallcap or any other sectoral category have outperformed benchmark indices by a huge margin.

While Sensex was flat from 03rd June 2014 to 07th January 2016, average return given by largecap schemes was a whopping 14%. Similar was the case with other categories also. Diversified schemes returned a whopping 19.58% on an average basis as against 6.78% by provided BSE 200 & 7.91% by BSE 500 index.

Midcap & Smallcap schemes were the stellar performer during the same period, provided an average return of 44.07% as compared to the return of 24.63% by BSE Midcap & 23.68 by BSE Smallcap indices.

We have attached with this mail an absolute return sheet provided by schemes in various categories as compared to returns provided by various indices.


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