Thursday, December 17, 2015

Edible oils continue to decline

Edible oils extended losses on Thursday tracking bearish futures and slack demand. On the BCE, imported palmolein and soya oil declined by Rs.2 and Rs.3 for 10 kg each. Rapeseed oil lost Rs.30 and cotton refined oil eased by Rs.11.

Liberty was quoting palmolein at Rs.471, super palmolein Rs.498, soyabean refined oil Rs.635. Ruchi’s rates: palmolein Rs.465, soyabean refined Rs.620 and sunflower refined oil Rs.750. Allana traded palmolein at Rs.472, soya refined oil Rs.630 and sunflower oil Rs.750.

In Saurashtra-Rajkot, groundnut oil telia tin was steady at ₹1,480 and loose (10 kg) at Rs.940.

BCE spot rates (Rs./10 kg): groundnut oil 960 (945), soya ref. oil 625 (628), sunflower exp. ref. 680 (680), sunflower ref. 745 (745), rapeseed ref. oil 950 (980), rapeseed exp. ref. 920 (950), cottonseed ref. oil 573 (584) and palmolein 458 (460).

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